Announcements and What's New

Catch up on the buzz surrounding Redwood City's Sesquicentennial!

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For the 150th Celebration Owlized will bring a unique opportunity for visitors and residents to look back in time and see what downtown looked like in the past.  

Owlized installed an OWL - an innovative, 360-degree visual platform - that enables public audiences to look backward in time and "step into" rich media content. Redwood City's OWL is now at Courthouse Square allowing users to see what the Courthouse, Fox Theatre and the surrounding area looked like in 1867. Go check it out!


LV Mar is the first restaurant to jump in to help celebrate Redwood City’s 150th Anniversary! Chef Manuel Martinez, owner of LV Mar on Broadway in Redwood City unveiled “The 150” this week. Created by chief bartender Eusebio, this seasonal concoction features Tosba Family Mescal, Ancho Reyes Liqueur, apricot liqueur, crushed strawberries, a secret ingredient and a peppered rim to add a bit of a zing. Martinez plans to have the drink on the menu through the year with changes to feature seasonal fruits. Redwood City residents and official tasters Nancy Radcliffe and Barbara Pierce, proclaim the drink a great kickoff to this fun addition to the 150th anniversary celebration!

The 150th Celebration Committee invites local restaurants and bars to create their own drinks or meals to be part of the 150th Celebration!

Redwood City is celebrating its’ Sesquicentennial during all of 2017. For more information about submitting a drink for the restaurant activity go here

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To celebrate the Sesquicentennial in 2017, the City needs your help with an historic photo project. Partnering with the Redwood City Parks, Recreation and Community Services Department and other community groups, the Redwood City Public Library will conduct a photo sharing project January 2017 through June 2017, culminating in a public event recognizing some of our favorite photos. Each month we’ll collect historic and current photos of specific Redwood City locations, allowing everyone to see how these sites have evolved over time. We will use these photos for the City’s historic blog, events and social media.

Anyone can submit photos as long as they fit the criteria for that month. High resolution images are highly desired. Photos can be submitted in JPEG format to or can be scanned at one of our photo sharing events. Staff can visit homebound residents to help scan photos.

Want to participate but don’t have any photos? Take a modern photo of the selected site, or join our planning committee. The committee will meet monthly on the second Saturday of each month from January through July, selecting historic and modern photos for each site. The committee will also select the historic sites for future months. 

Follow the project on Instagram (@redwoodcitylibrary) or Facebook and add your photo with the hashtag #RedwoodCityNowandThen. In addition to displaying the committee’s favorite photos, we will give the owner a gallery-sized copy to take home.

Learn more about committee and photo share events here.