Redwood City is rich in history and local lore. As the oldest city on the San Francisco Peninsula, Redwood City has a long and varied history. Originally a port town during the Gold Rush, Redwood City became the County Seat of the newly formed San Mateo County in 1856. Since its incorporation in 1867 the city has grown into a vital center for commerce, government, and manufacturing.  As we draw near the city's 150th anniversary we invite you to look back on and celebrate our past.


Redwood City 150th Anniversary

To celebrate our community's 150th birthday, the City of Redwood City and Sesquicentennial Committee created this website to inform local residents and business owners about our rich history. and engage them in celebratory events. On this site you'll find informative blogs about landmark sites and moments in our history, as well as sesquicentennial-related events, programs and news.

Sesquicentennial Committee

The committee includes a diverse group of civic and community leaders collaborating with City of Redwood City staff to organize and inform locals about our 150th anniversary. To get involved, contact Barbara Pierce Barbara Pierce  at barbara@barbarapierce.org.